“Cart go Leor” means “Everything is alright” in Irish

“Cart go Leor” means “Everything is alright” in Irish
December 9, 2016 Eimear Hough



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Converting a stationary workplace to a mobile one is the easiest, most economical way to increase productivity of your current workers and infrastructure. Newcastle Mobile Workplace and Portable Power Systems let you take your workstations wherever they are.

By adding mobile power to your processes, you can reduce transport, waiting and motion by up to 50%!

Staying on Top of Your Manufacturing Operations:

Wireless technology has changed the nature of how we can use our electronic equipment – are you taking full advantage of those opportunities?

Our Mobile Workplace and Portable Power Systems now let you take your workstations wherever they are needed. It’s simple to see where the improved productivity comes from

Generating Productivity 

Our Mobile Workplace System means you can achieve the same amount of volume with fewer pieces of equipment (i.e. printers, scales, test equipment, etc.) by converting to mobile workstations.

Improving Processes

The Mobile Power System allows you to fully leverage your wireless facility by cutting the power cords and letting your workstations move to where they are needed – with your people.

Enabling People

Operators & managers now have access to data and real-time information anywhere in the facility because they can take their workstation with them.

Instant Mobility

Obtain measurable productivity gains without months of planning and implementation. Workstation is delivered and ready to use the same day.

Ideal for a Variety of Areas:

Our mobile workstations can be deployed throughout your facility, including production, quality assurance,  shipping and warehouse.


Our products are custom built for industry.