About Us

Mission Statement


We capture, analyse and visualise key performance indicators from the manufacturing, logistics and utility sectors, using smart Industrie 4.0 technology.

Our smart solutions reduce the amount of time and resources required to capture and communicate critical information across your organisation and dynamically translate this data into actionable intelligence. They empower employees to take the appropriate corrective action to help eliminate losses and promotes a sense of ownership and collaboration. Our secure OPC architecture can communicate to virtually every type or brand of PLC. Smart wireless sensors facilitate the capturing of data from non-networked machines or semi-manual/manual processes. Intuitive mobile touch screen devices convert manual paperwork into lean digital workflows. Interactive smart digital displays eliminate the wasteful effort of preparing and printing paper reports and help to digitise the daily management process. Continuous product and process improvement and the elimination of waste, is a fundamental principle of lean manufacturing. Capturing and visualising data to highlight losses in real-time has been proven to change behaviour, improve throughput and quality and has been shown to improve overall productivity by 5-10%.

Our solution is built on the industry proven technology of our hardware partners Siemens and Banner and our data acquisition, analysis and visualisation tools are in use across the globe and are considered best-in-class. We integrate with existing processes and control systems to automatically capture critical data and make it actionable in real time. We help identify hidden losses, thus reducing planned and unplanned downtime, increasing productivity and maximising efficiency.

Our thorough understanding of manufacturing processes combined with expertise in IT systems and architecture allow us to securely and successfully navigate the convergence of IT and OT for our customers. We have a proven track record of delivering high value automation and data acquisition projects, for multinational companies, for more than 20 years. We can provide a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model and our out-of-the-box solutions are modular and can be easily customised to meet your needs.

We serve all manufacturing sectors from high-volume, highly automated manufacturing to high-value manumatic processes. Our customers range from global consumer goods companies to medical device manufacturers.