Energy Monitoring

Monitor and control energy consumption to improve equipment efficiency and reduce costs.

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  • SICAM P50

    SICAM P is a power meter for panel mounting with graphic display and background illumination, or for standard rail mounting, used for acquiring and/or displaying measured values in electrical power supply systems.

    More than 100 values can be measured, including r.m.s. values of voltages (phase-to-phase and/or phase-to ground), currents, active, reactive and apparent power and energy, power factor, phase angle, harmonics ofcurrents and voltages, total harmonic distortion per phase plus frequency and symmetry factor, energy output, as well as external signals and states.

  • SICAM P850

    The new SICAM P850 is a new multifunctional device and is used to collect, display and transmit measured electrical variables such as AC current, AC voltage, power types, harmonics, etc. The communications interfaces can be used to output the measurands to a PC and the control center or display them on a display.