Our Solutions

Look beyond the hype and see how our solutions can help you make valuable data-driven decisions to optimise performance.

Digitising the physical world or The Internet of Things has received enormous attention. We will show you how to look beyond the hype and to understand practical ways IoT technology can create real economic value for your business. The ability to electronically monitor and manage equipment and products in the physical world, makes it possible to bring data-driven decision making to all and to optimise the performance of systems and processes.

We have developed a solution to capture, analyse and visualise key performance indicators from the manufacturing, logistics and utility sectors, using smart Industrie 4.0 technology. Our smart solutions reduce the amount of time and resources required to capture and communicate critical information across your organisation and dynamically translate this data into actionable intelligence. They empower employees to take the appropriate corrective action to help eliminate losses and promotes a sense of ownership and collaboration.


Our experienced team can design solutions especially for your needs.


We provide technologies to automatically gather data from your equipment.


We will analyse your existing processes and identify areas where our solutions will make benefits to your business.


Our solutions allow you to gather your business data and we also provide innovative ways to display this so that you can move to a leaner, more efficient organisation.

Operational Excellence

Our Manumatic Data systems (MDES) can gather data from the human side of operations to give you a fuller picture of your process.


We have partnered with class leading providers to supply high quality equipment which we sell as part of our solutions. These are also available for direct sales from ourselves along with high levels of support and expertise.

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