SmartFactory OmniCart

SmartFactory OmniCart

SmartFactory OmniCart

OmniCart is for perfect for :

Warehouse goods in / put away/ mobile labeling.


Print at the point of application.

Mobile data entry in any manufacturing environment.

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Ergonomically designed

Electronic height adjustable via push button meeting workplace ergonomic requirements for EH&S.

Very Manoeuvrable

5yr Warranty On Lithium Battery

Compatible With All Mini / Micro PC’s

Fast Charging Times

1 or 2 Screens Can Be accommodated

Battery Status LED

Easy Access To Battery / PC Compartment

Smooth Finish To Wipe Down Surfaces

Hot Swappable battery for 24/7 usage.

Mobile device management software to remotely monitor status and battery.

Compact Resin Counter top.

Designed for use in the warehouse or factory floor.

Cost-effective alternative to fixed workstations, freeing staff from static terminals.

Unlimited configuration options, due to modular design.

Optional dual screens that can run your MES and SOP on separate screens.

Optional scanner and printer for easy printing of barcodes etc.

Easy-wipe-down surfaces reduce the risks of cross-contamination.

Full Wi-Fi connectivity connects staff to critical information on the move.

Runs a full-screen or touch computer for as many as eight to ten hours (depending on the usage of printing and scanning facilities).

Easy, no-hassle turnkey set-up requiring minimum time and effort.