As good quality and high specification tablets have become more commonplace, many have recognised the usefulness of these devices to manufacturing processes.

Smart Factory Solutions provide a range of tablets from established companies such as Panasonic and Dell. Choose from standard enclosure to fully rugged devices that have been carefully selected and proven to operate in your production environment.

While all tablets are useful for holding checklists, procedures, drawings and specifications – Smart Factory Solutions bring the use of tablets to another level. We use integrated RFID readers and Manumatic Applications to add value to your use of the devices in your organization.

Our patented MDES solution, allows you to have custom tablet screens that interact with your equipment and operators to capture the human input to a process. The data from this application can also be added to any production database to give a better picture of your process. Please see the MDES section for more details on this innovative application.

Using RFID readers embedded in tablets or their cases, allows the device to respond to the section of the process that is beside it. Bring up the drawing of the machine just by placing the tablet beside it! Design your own responses to your production events and needs.