Smart Factory Presentation

Smart Factory Presentation
November 16, 2016 Brendan Sheppard

We are delighted to announce the official launch of our new company “Smart Factory”, which took place on October 12th. This exciting new venture builds on our passion for emerging technologies and how these can be applied to deliver lean manufacturing environments for factory floor operations. Our team have developed a robust and well engineered solution that converges manufacturing 4.0 and lean digitalisation, driving efficiency through innovation and bridging the IT/OT convergence in manufacturing.

Even at this early stage, this new technology has seen a positive market response and we are already working with a number of market leading brands. Most recently, we have been appointed a Siemens Solutions partner for the digital factory.

We are very excited about our new solution and I look forward to discussing what benefit it can bring to your operation in the near future.

Smart Factory Mission Statement “To deliver efficient lean manufacturing environments, that drive long term commercial benefits, through innovative design, and real industry understanding of our customers needs”.