Work Area Performance System

The SmartFactory Work Area Performance System (WAPS) monitors your performance and achieves greater than 10% improvement in output.

Gather Data



WAPS software from SmartFactory gathers, stores and presents manufacturing data in real time throughout an organisation.

Using your data from wireless sensors, existing process points, either manual or PLC controlled, WAPS enables a set of data to be tracked on each piece of production equipment. These data points are stored by a Historian; a time-series database that continuously archives production data on a server. The WAPS system polls the database and stores it for Root Cause Analysis and Visualisation.

Team members can enter reasons for misses-to-targets and downtime events – creating a database.

Analysing this database then, WAPS can present dashboards, graphs, charts and reports to allow fast identification of problems and allow focus on the key problem areas.