Identification & Tracking

Use RFID to increase production speed and time spent identifying parts. Ensure accurate material flows from receiving, through the production process and out loading docks.

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  • Speedway R420

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    • 4 antenna port configurations
    • Device management and monitoring
    • Industry standard application interface with support for EPCglobal Low Level Reader Protocol (LLRP)
    • High transmit power (within regulatory limits), Autopilot software, and leading receive sensitivity for overall highest readability
    • Power over Ethernet (PoE) and WiFi/cellular modem connectivity
    • Quality design resulting in industry's highest reliability
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  • Speedway R420 Evaluation Kit

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    • Speedway R420 reader with universal power supply, power cord, and console cable
    • 2 far-field reader antennas, 1 Mini-Guardrail reader antenna, and 1 two-meter SMA to R-TNC extension cable
    • Tag sample pack
    • Access to the latest Impinj firmware, testing software, programming libraries, and documentation
  • MatchBox Reader Antenna

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    With its diminutive size, the MatchBox reader antenna is perfect for embedded applicationsthat require unobtrusive RAIN RFID capability with short range, well-defined read zones.
  • Mini Guardrail Reader Antenna

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    • Strong near-field performance for reading tags at a distance of 0-7.5 cm • Small form factor of 70 x 133 x 19 mm • Weak far-field gain to minimize stray reads • Broadband design to enable world-wide operation
  • Threshold Reader Antenna

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    Designed for boundary crossing applications, the Threshold far field antenna, with its planar form factor, provides a consistent and continuous read zone when linearly distributed head-to-tail.
  • Guardwall Reader Antenna

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    The Guardwall reader antenna provides a tightly controlled read zone and intense RFfield, critical to penetrating deep into packed cases traveling on conveyors or packinglines. Includes 2 x SMA to R-TNC (2 m) cables
  • GPIO Adapter For Antenna Hub

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    A GPIO Adapter provides convenient access to Speedway readers' General Purpose Input/Output ports giving you the ability to add sensors and triggers to your application.
  • Speedway Antenna Hub

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    • Hassle-free operation of 5-32 antennas when connected to a single high-performance Speedway Revolution reader and GPIO Adapter
    • All of the performance benefits of the Speedway reader without the need to learn a new API or make extensive programming changes
    • Robust and easy to install design with system level feedback for reliable installations in real world conditions
      • Enclosed electronics board with mounting tabs
      • LEDs for system level feedback
      • Software alerts/health diagnostics
      With the Speedway Antenna Hub, Impinj makes RAIN RFID monitoring applications, including smart shelves, interactive marketing displays, and document or item tracking, cost-effective and easy to deploy.
  • Far Field Reader Antenna

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    Far Field antenna ideal for applications where tags need to be read a longer distanceaway, typically more than 1.5 feet. Common far field applications include pallettracking, real-time inventory management, and supply chain visibility. Integrated 2.4 m pigtail cable
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