Identification & Tracking

Use RFID to increase production speed and time spent identifying parts. Ensure accurate material flows from receiving, through the production process and out loading docks.

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  • Speedway Connect Software

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    Speedway Connect software provides:

    • Easy-to-use graphical user interface for deployments of single readers used to identify/read RAIN RFID tags (EPC and TID only).
    • Ability to set basic reader configurations and save configuration on-reader.
    • Access to RAIN RFID data in an application via HID, HTTP POST, TCP/IP, Serial, or USB protocols.
    • A bridge to the wave of the future. By easing in to the use of RFID with this tool, users can experience new operational productivity, become more knowledgeable about the technology, and discover for themselves how RFID is changing the landscape.
  • ItemSense Software

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    • Provides access to Item Intelligence including identity, location and authenticity
    • Aggregates and transforms raw RAIN RFID data into real-time, business-driven information
    • Centralizes, automates and simplifies the management and monitoring of RAIN RFID hardware devices

    Core Benefits:

    • Creates a single, scalable RAIN RFID infrastructure
    • Easily integrates Item Intelligence into enterprise applications
    • Delivers information into multiple applications, simultaneously, via an open API
    • Turns vast amounts of item-level data into easily subscribable business events
    • Maximizes ROI of RAIN RFID deployments

    Example Scenarios:

    • I need total inventory of all my stores every 5 minutes
    • Where is the closest defibrillator?
    • Tell me when an item moves by more than 10 feet
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