Object Recognition Software

Object Recognition Software

Object Recognition Software

With the “Pat-Genius” object recognition license, SIMATIC MV440 can also be used for object recognition (object classification, position detection, counting etc.) in addition to reading 1D bar codes and 2D matrix codes. In addition, the functionality is possible in combination with text recognition, for example. It is thus possible to check the position of a label and check the inscription (reading and comparing) of plain text in an image field.



  • High checking rate of up to 2500 checks per minute
  • Simple parameter assignment without specialist know-how
  • Versatile usage in different industries
  • Object recognition can be combined freely and flexibly with code reading and text recognition
  • Simple integration of the function “Object recognition” in the automatic startup of a production line using function blocks for SIMATIC and SIMOTION as well as with TIA Portal library elements (see SIMATIC MV440)
  • Simple integration of the function “Object recognition” in PC-based applications using TCP and HTTP commands and HTML output


  • Object recognition (classification)
  • Position detection (position, angle of rotation, scaling)
  • Presence check (object recognition and position check with setpoint specification)
  • Completeness check (multiple presence check with setpoint specification)
  • Symbol recognition (recognition of the contours of any character or symbol)


Object recognition is used to search for and detect trained patterns in an image. This functionality can be used alone or in combination with all other functions mentioned. Accordingly, it has different areas of application:

  • Pick-and-place
  • Quality control in production
  • Position detection in infeed systems
  • Quantity monitoring in infeed systems and production

The license is supplied as a “Single License” on a USB stick and can be copied to the device with the SIMATIC Automation License Manager (ALM) using a plug-in. The license is executable on any SIMATIC MV440 as of firmware version 6.0.

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