SIMATIC MV340 is the powerful handheld reader from the portfolio of optical identification systems. This device is one of the most powerful handheld readers in the world and is therefore particularly suitable for demanding applications.

From a distance of up to 50 mm, it can read a wide variety of direct part markings (DPM), from linear barcodes to 2D systems. Different codes can be read without the need to reconfigure the device. Due to its special analysis logic, SIMATIC MV340 can also read difficult, low-contrast codes.

Thanks to its robust design and powerful analysis logic, the device is suitable for use in both industrial and production environments, as well as in maintenance, servicing and quality assurance.



  • Powerful, even with codes that are difficult to read
  • Specially integrated lighting for reliable operation even under varying light conditions.
  • High reading speed
  • Industry-compatible due to its robust, ergonomic design
  • Power supply and data communication via USB port
  • Simple integration of the reader devices via USB in IT systems (e.g. PC-based) and HMI systems (e.g. SIMATIC Touch Panel) as well as by RS232 interface in automation systems (e.g. S7-based)


SIMATIC MV340 is a fully integrated device which unites a powerful reading unit and lighting system in a robust housing with an ergonomic handle. The read process is triggered by a switch on the handle. Feedback on the read process can be received either optically via a multicolor LED, acoustically or by means of a vibrating alert.

The specially integrated lighting unit can switch automatically between different lighting methods in order to ensure optimum lighting conditions at all times for a wide variety of code and surface types. This means that even low-contrast codes or dot peen markings no longer pose a problem.

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