The SIMATIC MV320 is the affordable, entry-level device and is suitable for labels with high contrast, but can also be used in specific applications for codes with low contrast.

The SIMATIC MV320 is also available as a wired version (RS232, USB).
The reader is designed for a distance of up to 375 mm.



  • High-performance even with difficult-to-read codes
  • Complex image processing functions and exposure technology
  • Codes can be read on a wide range of surfaces
  • High reading speed and recognition reliability
  • Industrial-grade, rugged (no moving parts, no liquid lens), ergonomic design
  • Easy configuration by scanning supplied data matrix codes
  • Simple integration of the reader devices via USB in IT systems (e.g. PC-based) and HMI systems (e.g. SIMATIC Touch Panel) as well as by RS232 interface in automation systems (e.g. S7-based)


SIMATIC MV320 is a rugged, high-performance industrial barcode and data matrix reader delivering high resolutions. The handheld reader can read two-dimensional (2D) data matrix codes and one-dimensional barcodes. It can read data matrix codes with medium to high contrasts. The cell size should be larger than 0.13 mm. Barcodes can be read if the width of a bar is larger than 0.12 mm.

The SIMATIC MV320 handheld reader is suitable for wired communication. The different interface systems (USB, RS232) makes it easy to integrate the device into your applications.

A stand for this barcode reader can also be purchased

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